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Carve Magazine 2008 Anthology Matthew Limpede

Carve Magazine 2008 Anthology

Matthew Limpede

Published September 30th 2011
Kindle Edition
178 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

A homeless dog-napper, A man too fat for his airplane seat. A pair of abused lovers. These are some of the characters youll meet when you read the stories of Carve Magazines 2008 Anthology. These 16 stories continue the tradition of honest fiction that Carve Magazine began in 2000. Both veteran and first-time authors lend their voice to create a collection of short stories that seek to share the subtle truths and moments of clarity that we all experience. This collection includes work by Cody McCafferty, Mary Jones, Kelly Lundgren Pietrucha, Danielle Davis, Eugene Chang, Elizabeth Corcoran, Rhea De-Rose Weiss, Marc Nieson, L. Annette Binder, Elizabeth Baines, Julie Eill, Sung J. Woo, Emily Bromfield, Gillian King, Meagan Cass, and Stacy Dacheux.